Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Remember when MTV played music? Yes, and it was good music, really good music. Here's a growing list of videos and other tidbits from the Music Television Channel before hip hop gansta thuggery and porn took over television and our culture as a whole (hole)?

I made this playlist to celebrate that great time in popular music. It's chock-full of great videos from the early to mid 80s. So, hit the play button and let your home come alive with the great sights and sounds of the real MTV we knew and loved.

It's up to us to want this level of quality again. The question is, after so much crap we've permitted to be on top in music, do we deserve to have kind of stuff again? Judging by what I see in the news and on youtube everyday, I have my doubts.

Hmm. Now, where did I put the schematics for that time machine...

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Anonymous TB said...

You are right! Ooops - we thought MTV was great, was cool, was finally for us - the young generation - the generation X - whatelse... And when I zapp today to MTV, far away from the first places at my TV, I see stupid trash. Oh my god!

10:18 PM  

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