Sunday, May 22, 2005

Trip to Electronic Town

Trip to Electronic Town

I took a ride into Akihabara on Saturday. Akihabara is the electronic mecca of Japan, and for many, the world. Everything electronic is here, and here first, all of it concentrated in a Blade Runner-like tableau of stores, stands, signs, and overhead trains.

Once the center for Analog HiFi buffs the area has been reformed into one focusing on anything digital. Analog stuff is still around, and you can find the odd, cramped little shop run by some tech guru, but these places are clearly in the minority usually sandwiched between neon hyper stores with w/ sales girls out front in short skirts and megaphones announcing all ways to spend your money.

I took a lot of photos, so we'll be posting more.



Anonymous lv super cubber said...

Hey super cubber, I just got a new super cub from Japan and I live in the states...I need to purchase some parts...back rack and extra seat and rear you have an english speaking contact in Japan that could sell and ship parts to me...let me know

5:31 PM  
Blogger supercublogger said...

Hello lv.

What model did you get? Do they sell the new ones in the U.S.?

Do you mean the long seat or the small padding seat that fits on the rear carrier (rack)?

Post a pic of your cub, we'd love to see it.
Also, take a look, if you haven't already at the yahoo group on Passports, Cubs at:

We should be able to scrounge up some dealer or retailer who can ship the stuff to you direct.


2:33 AM  

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