Wednesday, June 15, 2005

CT 110

I had an good long convo with the owner of this bike. First, I wanted to get some photos of it when I saw it sitting there outside of an electronics shop in Akihabara. Then he came out, helmet donned, and ready to scream off. I asked politely if I could take a few pics of it. He was a middle aged man, who obviously uses his Honda to run about town, to and from work, etc. At first he was a bit standoffish, then after I complimented him on his bike, he opened up. His Japanese dialect was a bit hard to catch at times, but he was flattered I wanted to take a picture of his CT 110. I'm sure, I'm the only one who's ever presented such a situation to him. In the end, he talked my ear off for about an hour, and I never got my pics! (except for the one here before he came out)

CT 110, originally uploaded by supercublogger.


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