Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue

Humphrey Lyttelton at 80 runs the comedy show from Wimbledon this week.
He opens the show with some little known facts about Wimbledon in his own humorous style.

"Wimbledon village and 400 acres of prime land were under the ownership of the Cecil family until 1638
when King Charles I bought the property as a birthday present for his wife Henrietta Maria. Sadly it was not only the wrong size and colour, but it also made her bum look big." (laughter)

"During the late 18th century many duels were fought on Wimbledon Common. One of the most infamous was when Sir Francis Burdet was challenged by the Duke of York. Burdet was offered the choice of rapier or pistol, and as an accomplished swordsman, chose the rapier. It didn't do him much good. The Duke chose the pistol." (laughter)

Tune in to some excellent British comedy.

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