Friday, September 14, 2007

Look at me!

Men and Women. I found this image very interesting. Note how the men are solitary, individualized, and with attention on something. Two elderly men are waiting for the train on their day out. It's not clear if they are together or not. . The younger man is reading a newspaper.

Now note the contrast with the women. They are in a group, wearing fashionable clothes, the latest fashion in fact, standing in front of a huge, larger than life advertisement for a magazine which pushes fashion, clothes and cosmetics with an emphasis on the smutty (hard to tell from this picture).

What really caught my eye and the reason I took the picture was the fact that the women appeared attracted to this larger than life image of beauty and sexiness, as if they were in the same group, and instinctually knowing anyone looking at that large image of beautful women, would no doubt see them too.


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