Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Never fails to suprise and/or impress me when I park here. Almost always, my bike is the only one there when I leave it (it's not really a sanctioned parking area), but never alone when I come out. I've been lucky to get some fun pics. To be fair, I heard this guy coming in, when I was taking off my helmet. I purposely didn't turn around, because it was making a huge racket. His bike, that is, not me taking off my helmet.  And the noisey keychain he was wearing was even louder, well, not really, but darn loud. Ridiculously loud. So, I summed it up as a 'look at me' situation. I never do, in those. But I did like his bike. Or scooter, rather. Newish Vespa, looks like. Cool.  

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pardon me for my ignorance, but what is that bump between the seat and windshield? Is that an expanded gas tank (That would be handy) or just a hard shell storage basket?


1:22 AM  

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