Sunday, November 08, 2009

Mom and Dad Must Be Proud

(Kabukicho early morning)

I would never take a photo of a homeless person. It's a violation of their dignity and totally uncool to do so regardless of how newsworthy or photogenic the subject is. It's wrong. 

But for people who choose to be foolish and irresponsible, not to mention downright stupid in public, well, they are fair game. 

(Shibuya early morning)

I see this all the time. Early morning chics passed out in public places. One can only imagine how many are passed out in private places, some never to be seen again. Note the cops' attitude about it. This is a very common situation for them, as is seen in their expressions. About an hour later when I passed by again, the ambulance arrived and took the Shibuya girl away to sober her up or clean her out of whatever substances she abused.

(Girl in ambulance)

Ironic that the trash collectors are doing pretty much the same thing as the ambulance staff. 
Harsh? Perhaps, but not nearly as harsh as life is going to be to these young women who are
buying reserve seats for an express train to a life of misery, abuse and misfortune. I just hate to see people who have so much, take so much for granted, and throw it away, while others, disabled, sick with cancer, or other terminal diseases would give anything for the health and opportunities that these young gals have who throw it away. All in the name of being 'cool' or 'fashionable'. Sometimes I really think the human race is becoming more stupid by the minute. 

Adventures of a Super Cub

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