Saturday, October 16, 2004


speedo2, originally uploaded by supercublogger.

Not too many creature comforts on this bike. No extras. Plain and simple, hands on riding. Speedometer that goes to 60kph, odometer, some "redline" indicators for the 3 gears, a "N" designating when in neutral (only possible when the bike is stopped on new models), and a turn signal indicator (hard for me to notice blinking away when wearing a full face helmet).

Odometer-wise, that's 242km on there. That's 242km more than was on the bike when I got it on October 2nd. There would be a lot more, had we better weather.

We've been hit with a string of typhoons here in Japan, so I haven't been able to ride as much as I'd like. That's for sure. So, without a doubt, that "mileage" reading would be much higher had there not been so much rain.

And since, I'm a new rider, and don't have the riding chops for rain riding yet, it's probably a good thing.



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