Sunday, October 26, 2008


Halloween episode special!

First up...

The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms
They couldn't believe their eyes! They couldn't escape the terror!

And neither will you!

Directed by Eugène Lourié
Story by Ray Bradbury, Fred Freiberger
Special Animation Effects by Ray Harryhausen
Music by David Buttolph

And we've cleaned up the print a bit. Also a kind viewer let us know that the audio went out of synch toward the end (must have been the bazooka blasts). We've fixed that, too!

It's all part o


Suspense That Claws at Every Fibre of Body and Soul!

Directed by Freddie Francis
Story by Milton Subotsky
Special Effects by Ted Samuels
Make-up by Roy Ashton
Music by Elizabeth Lutyens
Songs by Kenny Lynch
Jazz Music by Tubby Hayes Quintet

After an atomic war, seven survivors gather together in a radioactive valley!

The movie that inspired Zager and Evans' classic song, In the Year 2525!

Directed by Larry Buchanan
Story by Harold Hoffman
Special Effects by Jack Bennett
Music by Ronald Stein

Stay tuned!! More monsters coming your way!!

The BBC Television Serial in Six Episodes
Created by Nigel Kneale
Directed by Rudolph Cartier

You think this is THE END?
Guess again! More MONSTERS coming your way!

And we weren't kidding!

The Mummy
Nerve Shattering Shock!

Directed by Terence Fischer
Story by Jimmy Sangster


We recommend Veoh viewing. Here's why:

You get the same file we upload. That's right. You watch the same quality video that is uploaded, not a grubby washed out and pixilated third generation Flash file that you see on other sites. 

It's easy. Just download and install their very nice player, and then you can watch movies, like any of the great classics featured this month on MONSTERMONTH! right on your desktop in beautiful high quality full screen. Give it a try. For movies over 30 minutes, they only let you view a Preview online. So, don't waste another minutes. Get their player, and download all the movies on MONSTERMONTH! right now! We don't know how long they can keep providing this high level of quality, so start downloading without haste! 

We will still try to keep uploading movies to Google, but we're not very satisfied with the quality, as well as their uploading system not working well for videos over 60 minutes, we recommend Veoh and


Blogger hondacubber said...

Have you seen the 50th anv stamps?

2:40 PM  
Blogger NJSuperCub said...

Hi Rob,

I put an announcement about your "Team Honda" store on my blog.

Will be ordering some kit when I can (and when I get a job, hopefully soon).

Best regards,

Nate in NJ

6:11 AM  

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