Thursday, October 21, 2004

Typhoon 23

This one was bad.

So far, 31 dead, 39 missing.
I can't remember one this bad in all the years I've been in this country.

Many were buried alive in their homes when mudslides brought down nearby slopes of trees, rocks, and dirt. Houses and people disappeared under the earthen blankets.

Others, were swept away while trying to secure sea walls during the storm. Others trying to rescue them, also perished.

Passengers were stuck in a tourist bus on a highway as the water blocked passage on the roadway. Seeing the walls of water coming at them, they scrambled to the roof of the bus, as the water rose quickly to almost cover the roof as well. Cars nearby were completely submerged.

The Self Defence Force, Japan's military component, came to the rescue with helicopters and "zodiac" water craft, rescuing all of the bus passengers.

All in all, a tough night for many here in Japan.

I'm about to head out over here and take a look at the Typhoon damage in my area. I usually do this after each hard storm. And when I do, I'm always amazed when look about at the fallen trees, the risen water heights of the rivers, the broken houses, twisted umbrellas, and swirled patterns of dust and dirt the wind designed for her own amusement.

When I see these things, I stand in awe of what Mother Nature can do.
And I know Man's piddling intentions are no match for her sublime direction.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great work!
I would greatly love to visit the country one day. You should include a photo of yourself on the cub....or not ;) Keep up the wonderful photos and long live your cub (and mine).
Paul Cretini
Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA

9:24 AM  
Blogger supercublogger said...

Thanks for the support.

We just got done with these typhoons, and then an earthquake hits!
Here in Tokyo, we felt it, but no damage. Out west, on the Sea of Japan side, they got hit bad. Death toll is over 20, tens of thousands w/out homes.

I wish I could take off of work and head over there and lend a hand.

As for pics of me, I think I'll keep the cub centerstage for now. By doing so, I think it will add an element of mystery if you can't quite see the rider.


6:59 PM  

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