Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Wild Women of Wongo

I found this "gem" on Google videos. Whew! What a flick. Anyway, I thought I would try out their "post it to your blog" option. Spread the misery and all.

Many films have recently been labelled "public domain" and can be viewed freely. Many of the films are great cinema. This is not one of them. Wild Women of Wongo, if the title doesn't already suggest it, is not an A-list picture. It's not even a B movie. Nope. I think this timeless anti-classic was intended for Drive-in use only. Where, back in the day, couples would rarely notice the movie on the 50 foot screen, but instead engage in intimate relations, like they do in school today. Back then, kids had to read books and listen to the teacher when in school. Awful. So, Drive-ins were invaluable places for experimenting in the rites of passage, much like the characters in this movie.


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