Friday, August 01, 2008

Home and Country

On a recent trip back home, it was good to see clear blue skies, green lawns (that aren't over-manicured and picked clean of all natural nature) and of course, superb weather, albeit, mighty hot.  I rented a Chrysler Caliber and drove around the area taking some photos. 

Your intrepid over-sleeper, here out in front of friends' restaurant in New Hope, PA, looking mighty jetlagged. 

Inside the restaurant, Bucks Bounty.  Hard to see in this pic, but the arched ceiling has a native American motif painted by friend and designer Tom Gass also of New Hope.

Restaurant owner/chef John restoring the old colonial house next to the restaurant which served as a B&B at one time. 

Some well-heeled neighbors. 

The now defunct Bethlehem Steel Mill sits dark and lifeless like a derelict spaceship. 

Back to Japan. Inside Narita Airport Train terminal 1. 


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