Saturday, March 21, 2009

TAF Journey by sea

Some of the small party and fishing boats moored along the inlet. 

Airstreams can be found anywhere in the world, it seems. 
At first glance, this could be near Palisades Amusement  Park
with the GWB in the background. 

A fine day for a ride aboard the yacht.  

First Mate Mick standing by as I steer the yacht leeward. 
(seriously, we were the only passengers on the large ferry. 
Day before a national holiday, go figure! )

Land ho!! Tokyo Big Site looms up. 
The Battleship Yamato exhibit by Tohokushinsha. 

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Blogger RickRussellTX said...

Everybody sing... YA-MA-TO!

Man I watched a lot of Starblazers.

3:00 AM  

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