Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ticket to Ride

Sunday, April 20, 2008


When I came out of the McDonalds on route 7 I expected to see just my bike in the space I took. Well, seems a trend formed. The silver cub I've seen around recently. Real nice and new. Less than 6000kms on it. Luckily it's not that brand new, dumbed down cub Honda is pushing now. This one is full power, full 130km/l we've come to know and love.

Another interesting thing is the big bike that parked in front of me has tags from the city where I lived on my arrival to Japan the early 90s, Omiya, Saitama prefecture. Interesting.

Cruising through Kokubunji in the early morning (before the mad rush of pedestrians takes over the streets) I spotted this Little Cub (the Super Cub's little brother/sister) in front of a Gusto restaurant.

What I noticed about it immediately was, it had a center storage tank. Hmm. It's sporting the newer version of tanks, though. Not so crazy about the lines on this new style compared with mine. Also, he/she mounted it according to the directions. I had to modify mine in order to get the angle and position I desired. This type is sort of a backwards teardrop shape. Kind of odd, if you ask me. But still, it's fun. I have to wonder, though, since the bike shows tags from my own, next town over, that the owner wasn't inspired by yours truly. Also, kudos for the factory paint match and 'Honda" logo applied. The only other times I've seen a cub with a rare center tank, the owners didn't repaint them or make them "Honda" in any significant way.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Remember when MTV played music? Yes, and it was good music, really good music. Here's a growing list of videos and other tidbits from the Music Television Channel before hip hop gansta thuggery and porn took over television and our culture as a whole (hole)?

I made this playlist to celebrate that great time in popular music. It's chock-full of great videos from the early to mid 80s. So, hit the play button and let your home come alive with the great sights and sounds of the real MTV we knew and loved.

It's up to us to want this level of quality again. The question is, after so much crap we've permitted to be on top in music, do we deserve to have kind of stuff again? Judging by what I see in the news and on youtube everyday, I have my doubts.

Hmm. Now, where did I put the schematics for that time machine...

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Monday, April 07, 2008

We'll Miss you, Chuck.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Heston.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cinemated Fool's Day

Just finished up episode 5 of the increasingly silly moviehost series
The Cinemated Man

This time, "Michael Chambers" is presenting THEM! (1954). Yup, the original atomic mutant bug hunt flick that inspired countless films from Jaws, to Aliens to Wuthering Heights...well, almost.

The full length videos are online at Google Video. While each episode's Act I and Epilogue segments shine on both YouTube and Google Video.

What's it all about? Watch the series pilot intro! (You know, all those great TV shows always told you everything you needed to know in the show's opening.)

In a nutshell, Michael Chambers is holed up in an abandoned movie theater on the outskirts of Tokyo. Wanted by the police, the mafia and the ladies flower arrangement club, he presents old movies in all their glory while he bides his time.

Confused? So am I.

Get the details and all the links at the site:

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