Friday, April 29, 2011

Hot Chocolate Cub

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MR TEPCO - A Musical News Flash!

A tribute to the 'Fukushima 50', those brave souls fighting the odds at the nuclear power plant, as well as Dickie Goodman and his 1976 hit "Mr. Jaws" which inspired this tribute.
Also, dedicated to all those volunteers and professionals who are working around the clock to help victims of the earthquake, tsunami and radiological emergency. Heroes, all. 

Help Save Japan!
- Robbie R.

Independent Radiation Measurements:
Japan Red Cross:
Google Crisis Response:

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We're Back!

Been awhile since we've posted. Been swamped with stuff. Sorry 'bout that. The earthquake and tsunami and radiological disaster didn't help things either. ;) Stay tuned for more Adventures of a Super Cub!

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