Sunday, August 03, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Super Cub! 50 Years Young!

I went back to the dealer to pick up an air cleaner element and took a couple more photos. 

In that short span of time, someone dropped off a yellow Motocompo for used sale on the second floor. 

Here's some sneak peak early shots of the brand new 50th Anniversay Edition Super Cub and Little Cub, still not fully assembled at the dealer. 

The added indicators look a bit 'add-on' for my tastes, but I'm sure lots of folks will appreciate them. I would've rather seen them incorporated into the speedo face like it is on the Little Cub, or as separate bezeled openings on the handlebar cover. 

The differences in powerplant are evident here with the lack of cooling fins on the cylinder head and black crank casing. 

Still not ready to see your public!

The Gold-on-Dark combination is tastefully commemorative of the 50 years of a winning creation. And the black crank case works better with the dark body color and dark leg guard (only available with a regular 08 Little Cub). 

Overall, not a bad look here. 

Or here. But I just can't get used to that black crank casing. It seems out of place next to the aluminum chain guard. Especially on a lighter colored Cub, like this Little 'un. 

The Little Cub harks back to the original Super Cubs with it's 1950's Blue paint scheme. 

Here's a trio of Little Cubs, '08 models that are not the 50th Anniversary Edition models. They look a little lonely over there next to the Zoomer. 

Visit the Honda website celebration for the 50th Anniversary of the Super Cub, click here.

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Blogger Tim said...

When o when o when is Honda going to resume selling this wonderful bike in the US?!?!?

3:42 AM  
Blogger supercublogger said...

You'd think they would, what with the price of fuel so high now. They're really shooting themselves in the foot (feet?);) Since so many folks would gladly rather ride a fun little motorbike like this to go shopping, mail letters at the post office (do people still do that?), visit friends, go out for ice cream on a warm summer night, etc. etc. etc. than start up the car and put on the AC, sit on hot seats, just for a local trip.
Maybe someday.

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why oh why is the C50 not imported in Europe. Modern technic and vintage/classic design. It is popular!!

Honda Nederland moet de C50 / Cub weer in zijn programma opnemen als ze commercieel een beeje slim zijn. Klassiek in een moderne jas is gewild!! Kijk naar het succes van de Vespa, beste mensen van Honda...

6:46 AM  
Blogger Vay What said...

I'm an American who just moved to Sendai. My current adviser is selling me a black 50th anniversary 50cc super cub. Other than the sweet gold plate, what is the difference between the 50th anniversary edition and the "regular" 2008 models?

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Reiner said...

Just picked my 2nd hand super cub anniversary edition up yesterday, a black one. It's a wonderful ride. Filled up the tank today for less than 400 yen.
I'm living in Japan now, but when I move back to Europe I want to ship/ ride the little Honda too.
It looks so much better than the Suzuki lets2 I was driving earlier, much cheaper on fuel too.

11:36 PM  

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